Our Process





We start with exploration and goal setting.   Through a set of deep dive sessions we understand a customers current state and core requirements.

With a complete understanding of our customer’s current state and requirements, we create a customer service proposal and detailed task breakdown for the exact needs of the engagement.

With full agreement, we execute projects with an interactive and transparent method to ensure that customers always understand the exact deliverables and development stage.  

Throughout our engagements we ensure regular and timely review and incremental deliverables to ensure we always remain on track.

Product Management services

Product Management is critical to your business success but these resources are usually one of the last resources hired in a new venture.  Product creation and revenue generation always comes first.  Product Managers are expensive and do not immediately add to the bottom line.   Our services are designed to give you big company Product Management affordably – you pay for only what you need to ensure your success.  


Creates and translates vision into direction and plans. Business/Product directional definition.

Product Development

Translates customer requirements into actionable  plans and structures. Data and communication emphasis.

Marketing & Sales

Tactical plan execution for delivering the product in the market. Continuous feedback to grow and improve product.

Services Engineering Services

The benefits of a Services Engineering discipline within your Professional Services organization are often overlooked, yet you may be leaving money on the table in lost revenue, higher service costs and lower customer satisfaction.  

Why don’t many companies focus on Services Engineering?  Many reasons come into play, ranging from the pressure to drive high rates of billable utilization to the difficulty in creating a business case to perform this function.  Many companies have simply not even considered the value associated with capturing, packaging, and reusing Professional Services intellectual property (IP).  And others are simply not sure where to begin.

Our Services Engineering Practice provides guidance that helps your Professional Services team accelerate their discipline.


Understand where your organization is today, the alignment of your Professional Services strategy to the company strategy, and gap analysis to understand your path forward.

Services Engineering

Services to ensure that your company develops, packages, and manages Intellectual Property (IP) associated with professional services to maximize revenue.

Community of Practice

Community development to improve collaboration, create a vibrant developer network, and establish and grow  external communities.