Our Team


Paul Kamp, JD

Paul’s career has led him through stints at some of the companies that drove the development and adoption of the internet.  Paul has broad experience in Mergers, Acquisitions, Integrations, Open Source, Technology Licensing, Product and Program Management. As a mentor and advisor to early stage start-ups Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to the companies he advises. His expertise in business strategy, business development, partnering, licensing and legal issues helps drive business results that enables their future growth.

email: pkamp@fuchsiainnovate.com
TEL: +1 (401) 484 0867


Jeff Maaks

A recognized thought leader with an entrepreneurial mind, Jeff is known for his ability to deliver business growth through innovations in technology. His strengths include working collaboratively across cultures and establishing meaningful relationships with resources from the Americas, Asia, and Europe where he facilitated the planning, management, and incubation of new offerings. Jeff maintains ownership of transformation projects and leverages his technical acumen to further the development of strategic programs with the potential for commercialization.

email: jmaaks@fuchsiainnovate.com
TEL: +1 (314) 308-0562

Scott Nacey, MBA

Scott’s career includes many intrapreneurial roles at large technology companies spanning engineering, product management and business development. During his career he has led many strategic initiatives that accelerated the business objectives of the companies for which he has worked. Scott has deep experience in Business and Product Management, Design Thinking, Business and Innovation Management .

email: snacey@fuchsiainnovate.com
TEL: +1 (408) 839-8873

Shmuel Stottan

Shmuel is an experienced technology executive in research and development and engineering management for firms ranging from start-ups where he was a co-founder to Fortune 500 Companies. Shmuel served as CTO, SVP Engineering, Product Management and as general partner at a corporate VC firm. Shmuel also has strong board and advisory board experience.  His experience as an advisor to multiple startups, and his expertise in leading large successful development projects will help drive business results and growth.

email: sshottan@fuchsiainnovate.com
TEL: +1 (408) 313-4500